Case Study: Name this Disease

Name this Disease

A 43-year-old female was seen in the Emergency Room (ER) for a severe headache.  She was diagnosed with a hypertensive episode with a BP of 190/128. The patient was given medication, told to follow up with her PCP and sent home.

During her follow-up there was no significant change in her hypertension and another medication was added.

Two weeks later, the patient returned to the ER complaining about having another severe headache. Her BP was 186/130.

The patient was sent for a carotid duplex examination, renal artery duplex exam followed by a CT Scan.

Look at the images below to determine the Disease.

Carotid duplex Ultrasound of the right ICA


Renal Duplex Ultrasound




ANSWER (scroll down)


Fibromuscular dysplasia -Non‑atherosclerotic arterial disease which affects medium and large sized vessels, especially the renal and internal carotid arteries. Multiple, focal stenoses present in an arterial segment, resemble a “string of beads” on imaging studies.